Need help with banding and strapping?

The fastest and most effective way to package a product on a skid or crate is to use banding (also called strapping).  Strapping has been around for a long time, and is commonly used everywhere in the US.  The tools are strong and proven, and the strapping does a great job quickly hold product together.  The best US supplier for these is Allstrap.  They also have multiple repair facilities for banding tools.

Types of banding:

  • Steel Strapping the most typical banding.  Today is it being replaced in new set up with polyester (PET) strapping, and cord strapping due to safety concerns.
  • Stainless Steel Strapping for corrosive environments like paper mills, exteriors, or salt water banding jobs.
  • Polyester Strapping is on pace to be the most used banding.  PET is safer then steel band since there are no sharp edges.  The tooling is fast and now proven.
  • Nylon Strapping is used when the load shrinks.  It has a high recover and will stay tight on loads.
  • Polypropene Strapping
  • Cord Strapping is great for manual applications.  It requires just one tool, and has strength to give similar results as steel band.
  • Webbing is great for serious HD applications.  There are now battery tools for webbing available.