BXT2-19 – A Faster and Efficient Poly strapping Tool

The BXT2-19 is the faster counterpart of the BXT2-16. Both are Signode tools and highly popular in the strapping tool industry. This tool is also battery powered and used with different widths of polyester strapping. It gives a very solid and strong strapping that many industry experts feel that they can do away with steel strapping as this is as strong as steel.

In fact, with the arrival of tools like the BXT2-19, many are considering switching over to poly strapping as it far more cost effective than steel strapping which can be expensive. Moreover, since steel also leaves rust marks on the packages, people have begun considering poly strapping.

Being the current fastest tool in the market, the BXT2-19 runs on 18V Bosch lithium-ion battery. The tool comes with two batteries and a charger and can run 5/8” or ¾” polyester strapping. The guides can be changed to run with different strapping widths. Tension is pre-set and the tool then pulls the strapping, welds and cuts, all at the push of a button. After the welding operation, the tool hits zero and beeps the signal when the weld has cooled.


  • Strap Qualities:  Polyester (PET) / Polypropylene (PP)
  • Strap Dimensions: 5/8”-3/4″ x .016 – .041”
  • Max. Tension: 880 lbs
  • Sealing Type:  Friction-weld sealing
  • Weight:  9.3 lbs. (including battery)

The BXT2-19 is ergonomically designed like all other Signode products. It has a flawless mechanism which makes it stand out among its other counterparts in the market. It is considered the most balanced tool by customers. This tool is ideal for tight and difficult strapping positions due to its small interface size. It can be operated upside down, horizontal or vertical depending on where the friction weld seal is placed.

The handle of the tool has a good grip, so the operator need not worry if the tool is going to trip forward or backward during the tensioning and sealing operations. Before every application, the tensioning can be pre set and this is a very creditable feature of the machine. As the tool accommodates several load types from light to heavy duty, the tensioning force can be anywhere between 88 pounds to 880 pounds.

The wear parts are easily available and if there is a break down the tool can be easily fixed.

Allstrap recommend this tool as it is very easy to use. Call Allstrap for pricing, repair or other information regarding BXT2 series of tools.