BXT2-32- The Battery Operated High Strength Polyester Strapping Tool That Guarantees Consistent Result

If you are still stuck on metal strapping for heavy duty applications, then here is some good news for you! Signode, a trusted manufacturer of strapping machines, introduces a flawlessly designed combination plastic strapping tool best suited for heavy loads.

The Signode BXT2-32 has become an instant hit in the global market because of its high speed, ease-of-use and ability to cope with most demanding applications. The sleek looking model with a compact design and small handle is just the right hand-held tool that helps ease operator fatigue.

Technical parameters and features of BXT2-32:

The tool supports 25mm and 32mm Signode Tenax high strength polyester strapping. The machine weighs around 6.9 kgs with dimension of 403mm x 151mm x 162mm.  Applicable tension ranges between 1000N to 6500 N. The Friction Weld sealing technique provides a strong and secure seal thereby enhancing productivity and reducing wear parts. Here are some exclusive features of the strapping tool:

  • It is empowered by improved and more powerful Lithium ion battery of 36 Volt.
  • The brushless motor technology helps enhance durability and bring down maintenance costs.
  • The strapping tool comes with 2 batteries and one charger.

How to save time and cost with BXT2-32:

Think of a tool which is easy to operate, delivers fast but without compromising on safety or consistency, and this Signode tool immediately comes to mind. To begin with, users have the flexibility to pick up the operation mode, i.e. manual, semi-auto or full automatic mode. The manual mode needs a bit of operator expertise since he needs to adjust the tension button and weld/cut button. On the other hand, the auto mode is surely an operator’s delight.  It can be said that the strapping tool behaves really intelligently by pulling the strapping to the operator’s preset level. Then it automatically switches over, welds and finally cuts the strap. As an added precautionary measure, a safety sensor is provided on the back of the tool. This way you need not worry about any sudden mishap.

With such efficiency and speed, achieving 200 strap cycles per battery charge is not at all a problem. So, if your banding needs have grown such that limited strength of metal strapping does not suffice, then BXT2-32 is worth a try. Get in touch with any reliable dealer of Signode to know about this particular tool and other latest offers.