Great Banding Tools

Powerful New Sealless Bander from Fromm- P359

Pneumatic combination tools are quite popular among various industries and these tools are still preferred by many when compared to battery operated tools. The new, powerful P359 has a sleek look and can be mistaken for a battery operated combination tool, but this is a pneumatic tool and pulls much more tension than any battery operated tool because of the fact that it is pneumatic.

Being a very strong tool in the pneumatic world, the P359 can pull about 1,570 pounds of tension accepting ¾” – 1 ¼” poly strapping. This is a sealless tool and because of this a lot of overhead costs are reduced. It is especially good as metal seals are eliminated and metal seals are always added to the costs. Also, plastic strapping is much more cost effective than steel strapping.

The P359 can operate both in semi-automatic or the manual mode. The operator can decide which feature will suit their strapping needs best. The maximum tension can also be adjusted depending on the application. This tool uses the friction weld seal and needs time to cool after the sealing process. The tool can adjust the cooling and sealing time in order to ensure the package is securely sealed.


  • Strap Qualities:  Polyester (PET)
  • Strap Dimensions:  1″ or 1.25″ x .040 – .053” (maybe up to .060″)
  • Max. Tension: 1,570 lbs.
  • Sealing Type:  Friction-weld sealing
  • Weight: around 19 pounds

Most pneumatic tools are heavy when compared to battery operated tools. But the Fromm P359 is unique in that it is one of the lighter weighing models on the market. It weighs 19 pounds and as it is a combination tool, all the functions like tensioning, sealing and cutting are done by the same tool. This is very helpful to the operator as he need not use separate tools for each function. This saves a lot of time and energy for the operator and the process is also very effective and efficient.

Poly strapping has the highest shock absorbing tendency for any type of strapping and has a great elongation. This means it will hold the package tight without any fluctuation during transit. Also, unlike steel strapping, it does not leave scars and rust stains on the package. There are no sharp corners to contend with. The P359 is a great tool for the operator to handle very safely.

Ultimately it comes to the brand preference of the customer. If you are comfortable with Fromm’s tools and think P359 could be too heavy for your use, there is Fromm’s P356 which is a similar combination tool for different sizes.


A335- Best Money Saving Tool

The A335 Fromm is a pneumatic sealless steel strapping combination tool manufactured by Fromm. This tool does not require seals and is virtually 3 tools in 1- the biggest bang for your buck! This tool has taken the packaging industry by storm. Its rugged quality, reliability and simple operation has made it very popular.A335l-275x245 (1)

The A335 is also light weight and very user friendly that it has become indispensable in many industries. This tool can be used with 1/2″, 5/8″, or 3/4″ steel strapping widths and can run regular duty or high tensile (HT) steel strapping.

The A335 helps prevent tension loss to accommodate heavy duty strapping applications where seal strength is very important. Using advanced technology is one of the reasons the A335 is a popular combination tool. The tool can be used to adjust exact strap measurements of varying thicknesses in order to create the strongest seal. Industry users say that this A335 holds the joints better than an individual manual sealing tool.

Another unique feature of the A335 is that even if the joint loses tension during transit, the seal will not unlock. This makes the packages safe during shipment until it reaches the destination.  This tool holds up to 80 % joint efficiency. The tool is made of high quality steel and the ground feedwheel and ground gripper provide great efficiency. The long steel handles enable for a simple operation and operator finds it very easy to operate without extra effort.

Heavy duty steel strapping applications where the strength of the tool is measured by its seal strength have benefited a lot by switching over to A335.  If a user wants to use simple strapping solutions then this pneumatic tool is definitely the answer.  This tool also cuts down on operating time because it does the tensioning, sealing and cutting with a simple push of a button.

This tool is also considered very cost-effective as one need not use separate tools for tensioning, sealing and cutting. It runs on the power of compressed air, and thus is very powerful. The A335 has a counterpart that fits all the strapping qualifications. It is the PNSC-2 from Signode, which is an equally powerful tool. The PNSC-2 fits steel strapping sizes 1/2″, 5/8″, and 3/4″ and uses pusher seals to secure the joint. It can pull 700 pounds of tension and is very durable.