How to Use Steel Strapping

Your latest purchase came in a large box securely banded with steel straps. The packing looked good enough but when it came to opening it, all usual options failed! Rather than getting irritated with failed attempts, you actually felt pleased that the packaging has been done so securely. A close look at the package and you were amazed with the precision these steel straps had been placed. Yes, this is the beauty of steel strapping!

A particular type of heavy-duty packaging material, steel strapping is used for unitization of shipping products. The package can be of any type like crates, bales, boxes, cartons, etc. This kind of strapping is considered a durable option when it comes to binding huge items that are needed to be transported over long distances. Available in varied strap widths and coatings, these are designed exclusively to absorb shock and prevent rust. In order to use steel strap, you need a particular type of tool.

Various types of steel strapping tools are available on the market:

  • Manual tool with seal joint/ sealless technique
  • Pneumatic tool with seal joint/ sealless technique
  • Fully automatic/semi-automatic strap feeding system for steel straps
  • Manual tensioners and sealers

How to use steel strap:

It should be kept in mind that the operation of a manual tool is different from a pneumatic one whereas you need to handle the sealless joint tool differently from the one with seal joint. Take for instance the sealless combination tool. In order to use it effectively, follow these steps:

  • Take proper precautions like using hand gloves and eye protection
  • Place the strapping properly so that two ends overlap
  • Open the combination tool by squeezing one handle, use the other hand to guide the overlapped strapping into the tool and then release handles
  • Hold the sealing handle with your left hand and move the tensioning handle back & forth till desired tension is achieved
  • Steady the tool first and then move the sealing lever forward with your left hand which seals and trims the strapping properly
  • Finally open the combination tool and remove it from the strapping

It all depends on the kind of application based on which you apply a single, double-notch seal or a sealless joint. Do consult a trustworthy dealer of steel strapping tools to know which specific device best suits your requirements.