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Fromm is a well known maker of packaging tools. They have been in this business for decades and their tools are used widely across the world and is a standard tool in many industries. Allstrap is a dealer who deals with tool makers that have become major brands of tools, like Fromm, Signode and Orgapack. Fromm manufactures different kinds of tools that are largely used by industries depending on the type of application they want to use it. They manufacture, manual, pneumatic, semi-automatic and automatic tools. The most popular tools in the industry now are the seal less combination battery strapping tools, which are getting many takers as these tools are very fast and increase productivity. The P326 is one such tool that is popular in the market.

The Fromm P326 tool comes with a lot of features when compared to other battery operated tools used for poly strapping. It uses the lithium ion battery which has been newly reinforced with an 18V motor that helps in operating the tensioning and sealing process. The tools weights about 8.7 pounds and as it is very light it reduces operator fatigue to a large extent. This battery is very durable and long lasting and can strap close to 600 strap cycles. It is a single handed operation which is very quick and save a lot on labor when compare to traditional hand tools.

The other feature that makes the P326 popular is that the operator can preset the tension as the tool has adjustable tension speeds. Depending on strap quality, the seal strength is about 75%. Being a combination tool, the tensioning, sealing and cutting is taken care of at the touch of a button, so it is an operator’s dream come true, as there is no time wasted in switching from one tool to the other.

Some industry users believe that battery operated tools are not as strong the pneumatic ones, but the P326 applies greater tension than its pneumatic counterpart. This tool uses the friction weld technology for sealing which is done by generating heat using friction between two pieces of poly strapping. The friction and heat together form a strong bond better than metal seals.

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