Orgapack- Leading Manufacturer of Strapping tools

Orgapack is a leading manufacturer of strapping tools and packaging material for several years. Being headquartered in Zurich, the company manufacturers most of its products in-house. Orgapack’s tools are used world wide in several types of industries, like oil, metal and steel and lumber industries. Over the years Orgapack has carved a niche in the industry for its innovative products and design.

Orgapack has a wide range of tools and strapping, both steel and plastic. All the tools they offer are simple to operate, be it manual tools, pneumatic or battery operated. They also manufacture pneumatic tools with a tension force of 6000N. Since the tools are user friendly, they can be used single handedly without the need for extra manual labor. For instance, these tools let you strap pallets crates and in diverse ways, either horizontally or vertically.


  • Strapping tools
  • Installations & system solutions
  • Battery powered hand tools
  • Accessories like coil holders and strap cutters
  • Seals, buckles and corner protection for steel and plastic strapping

Their most popular tools include the battery operated tools that provide high powered tensioning and friction weld sealing. These tools have the following advantages:

  1. Single handed operation
  2. Touch panel for easy and safe adjustments
  3. Sound indication for seal cooling time
  4. Secure strap guides
  5. Battery protection
  6. Wear parts can be obtained easily

All the tools are very efficient. They are not only cost effective but increase productivity. This is the reason many industries continue to rely on tools from Orgapack. They have built a solid customer base over the years because their tools are greatly reliable and longer lasting.

Some of their tools like OR-T 120, OR-T 250, OR-T 400 are very popular and in constant demand by workers who are comfortable in handling them. People in the industry consider the OR-T50 to be a low cost alternative for light to medium-heavy applications. There are tools with automatic seal feed and tensioner/sealer combination with metal seals.

The light weight strapping tools, manual tensioners and sealers are all light weight and ergonomic in design. These tools are easily portable and are suitable for various applications.

Last but not the least is their after sales service. They have a full-fledged team of technicians who are well trained in repairing any tool that comes to them for maintenance. These technicians are constantly trained to handle any tool and fix the problem.

Orgapack’s tools are available at Allstrap. Call Allstrap for demo, pricing and maintenance of their tools.