PN2-114: Pneumatic Feedwheel Tensioner for Uniform Tension

A tensioning tool that is popular in the strapping tool industry is the PN2-114 Signode tensioner. This is  a feedwheel push type tensioner and is the best for securing irregular shaped packages. This tool is also from Signode and is a very handy tool designed and developed by them. It has become an indispensable tool in the packaging industries that use separate tools for tensioning, sealing and cutting. This pneumatic tool has found favor in many industries due to its light weight and efficiency.PN2-114

These are times when many industries are switching from manual and pneumatic tools to the battery operated tools that are much faster and efficient. But the PN2-114 is still going strong due to its great attributes like providing uniform and precise tension. In workshops and warehouses where operators are always flooded with more work, this tool is very handy and convenient to carry about that the worker does not get tired moving from place to place with the tool. Work gets done quickly and efficiently even in harsh strapping conditions.


  • Strap quality: High tensile (ultraflex)
  • Maximum tension: Up to 1,600 pound (7117N)
  • Sealing Type: Metal push/closed seals, 1.25 inch push seal
  • Sealer: Separate sealer A461
  • Weight: 8.1 pounds/ 3.7kg

The PN2-114 is generally used with a pneumatic sealer like the A461. Since it is very light in weight there is no counter balancing needed. As it is very mobile it is largely used in steel industries. Though this tool is very efficient and useful, it is burdensome to look for a separate sealer as this is not a combination tool. Also, another disadvantage is that there are air lines around the workshop floor which are very bothersome to workers on the go. As they drag through the floor in the strapping area, it hinders free flowing movement. The battery version of the PN2-114 is the Grip Pack Tensioner which does the same work and provide the same result.

Though the switch from pneumatic to combination tools is an ongoing trend in the industry there are industry loyalists who hold on to these separate tools. There are many industries who have made the switch to battery powered tools as they are faster and efficient and work at the touch of a button. The pneumatic combo tool that can be an ideal replacement for the PN2-114 is the SCMH-34. Many industries are switching to this tool to make work easier.