Reduce Strapping Errors with FROMM A383

Sealless combination strapping tools can be of great help for certain industries like steel, aluminum and lumber packaging. High tensile steep strapping also proves to be the right solution for flat packages or bundles which are otherwise difficult to strap. FROMM has developed innovative strapping options which are designed exclusively for the toughest working conditions. The Fromm A383 is one pneumatic sealless combination steel strapping tool that offers several advanced features in comparison to its previous version A380.

Technical parameters of A383

  • Weight of the machine is 51.8 lbs without suspension and approx. 53 lbs with suspension
  • Regular duty strapping up to 850 N/mm² whereas hi-tensile strapping up to 1100 N/mm²
  • Two different tension versions of 10000N and 15000N
  • Sealless joint

What to expect from A383

While talking about this strapping tool, the very first thing that comes to mind is its ability to perform consistently in rough working conditions. The tool’s huge size and durable parts make it the best fit for extremely demanding applications. Users who need consistent and safe performance through shifts will surely find this machine satisfactory. Being pneumatically operated, both straps can be loaded simultaneously thereby enhancing productivity and reducing operator fatigue. Then its two-buttoned simple operation makes this tool a wonder to work with. You just can’t complain about its flawless mechanics which has particularly taken care of heavy duty packaging applications. Certain departments where this tool scores over its sealless pneumatic counterparts include:

  • The MicroLock sealless system which guarantees greater seal security while reducing metal sealing cost
  • Its ability to pull around 3300 lbs of tension which is undoubtedly much higher than other tools on the market
  • The pneumatic component ensures uniform tensioning for each package

By picking up A383 as the strapping option, you take a major step in eliminating strapping error and delivery damage. Just imagine saving up to 10% by shifting to sealless lock technology. This is not only economical but perfectly safe too. In fact, those who have had reservations about the sealless mechanism have only positive feedback about this specific tool’s ability to provide precise seamless joints. However, while operating this heavily build device, certain precautionary measures are advised.