Stainless Steel Strapping

Stainless Steel Strapping

Stainless steel strapping is a highly versatile strapping that offers many benefits, with durability and shock-resistance being the most important ones. It can be joined using different types of seals. This further makes it highly versatile for different types of applications. The method of application of SS straps can also vary according to your needs.

Applications of Stainless Steel Strapping

SS strapping is used different types of industries. It is also ideally suited for industries involving heavy-duty applications including:

  • Steel industry
  • Metals and alloy
  • Timber industry
  • Oil refineries
  • Railroad industry

HT stainless steel strapping is highly sought after for its durability and other characteristics that give it the edge over other types of straps including steel. SS strapping is also available with different coating including waxed, painted black and edged finish. It is commonly ribbon wound and is commonly used embossed or white.


Stainless steel strapping is known for its non-corrosive properties. This helps in keeping the packages both secure and clean for both transportation and long-term storage. Because SS is the most durable and strongest strapping material, it is recommended for applications where minimal stretching is required.

This type of metal strapping is also perfect for securing heavy palletized loads. In fact, it can also be used for strapping plywood cases and loads with sharp edges or hot items.

How to Pick the Right Strapping?

There are different types of strapping and stainless steel offers advantages over most other types.

  • Stainless Steel: It is premium quality strapping that can be used for heavy-duty applications, even in the harshest conditions. Advantages of using SS strapping include better elongation, UV resistance, break strength, and corrosion resistance.
  • High Tensile Steel: It is mostly used in the railroad industry.
  • Regular Steel: It is recommended for heavy-duty applications where more protection is needed compared to poly strapping.
  • Zinc Coated Steel: This type of strapping is recommended for use in applications where items have to be packed and stored outdoors for long term.
  • Polyester Strapping: It can be used for mid-and-heavy-duty applications.
  • Cord Strapping: It provides the strength of steel, shock resistance and offers additional safety.

Stainless steel strapping is the best choice if you are looking for the strongest strapping. It is perfect for heavy shipments because of its almost unmatched break strength. It can be used for outdoor applications and will not corrode like its other metal counterparts.