Steel Strapping

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Steel strapping is used in many industries that deal with heavy equipment and in lumber industries. Steel strapping is considered the strongest available strapping that is the best for packaging. However, with the arrival of poly strapping and other kinds of strapping, steel strapping has slowly begun to lose popularity for its disadvantages when compared with other kinds of strapping.

There are several manufacturers of steel strapping in the market, with Signode being the leader. Industries prefer to use good quality steel strapping, as it is important to package heavy goods in good quality strapping so that the there is no damage during transit.

Allstrap is one of the most popular dealers who supply quality packaging equipment and other strapping materials. Allstrap stocks a wide variety of all kinds of strapping, like steel, cord and poly strapping in various sizes. The popular kinds of steel strapping are Magnus and Apex Plus.  While the Apex Plus has higher break strength, the Magnus steel strapping is heat-treated and cold rolled and proves to be a good shock absorber especially for heavy-duty applications.

The Magnus is a medium carbon steel strapping that has high tensile strength. Customers generally use high tensile steel strapping that has its edges painted black and waxed. These are available in many sizes and have break strength that is about 5450 pounds. This is perfect for using with hand tools, pneumatic tools and other automatic tools.

The great advantage of steel strapping is that it is very strong and high tensile. It has been approved for use on railroads through the AAR. The disadvantages of steel strapping are quite a few and which is one of the major reasons that industries are beginning to switch over to poly strapping and cord strapping. Steel strapping is very expensive when compared to other kinds of strapping materials.

Also, steel strapping rusts and can rust and leave marks on the packaged goods. It also has a tendency to cut through the packages and damage it. Due to these reasons users have begun to think twice before using steel strapping.

Allstrap stocks quality steel strapping in various widths and sizes and online ordering is available. Visit for a list of strapping and strapping products.