Battery Powered Strapping Tools for Steel, Poly & Cord Strapping

Battery Powered Strapping Tools for Steel, Poly & Cord Strapping

Battery powered strapping tools have created a presence in the industry for their light weight, speed, efficiency and reliability. They are available for steel, poly and cord strapping of different sizes for regular-duty and heavy-duty applications. There are many advantages of using battery tools for strapping applications.

Advantages of Battery Strapping Tools

One of the biggest advantages of using battery powered tools is that they eliminate the need to work around heavy airlines. They are lightweight and feature ergonomic design which further helps in making strapping operations easier, also reducing fatigue.

Most battery-powered tools offer single-button operation. Some tools can also illuminate the seal area, thus increasing accuracy and safety. A typical tool can complete hundreds of cycles per charge to provide optimal efficiency and boost productivity. They also help eliminate the costs and inconsistency associated with pneumatic tools. Modern battery tools can generate adjustable tension. Some tools are powerful enough to match their pneumatic counterparts in terms of maximum tension generated.

Battery Powered Steel Strapping Tool

The latest battery-powered tools are designed to accept both regular-duty and high-tensile steel straps of width ranging from 1/2” to 1-1/4”. Lightweight battery tools including tensioners, sealers, and cutters can complete hundreds of cycles per charge. Some of the best examples of such steel strapping tools include GripPack 114 Tensioner, GripPack 114 Sealer, Grippack Cutter, Grippack 34 DN and 114 DN, MIP Grip-114T, and MIP Grip-114S.

Battery Powered Strapping Tool for Poly Strapping

The latest battery-powered poly strapping tools can apply polyester and polypropylene strapping using different types of seals. Some battery tools perform automatic weld function which helps in speeding up cycle time. Both combination and individual tools are available for plastic strapping.

Some of the best examples of such tools include the P318, P320, P321, P322, P327, P328, P329, P330, P331, BXT-19, BXT2-16, BXT-16, BXT2-10, BXT2-19, BXT2-32, BXT3, BXT3-19, BXT3-25/32, OR-T 250, OR-T 400, OR-T 300, OR-T 650, OR-T 50, OR-T 120, OR-T 200, Dynamic 2100, MT450, B400, B600, B800, B1000, B1200, ZP93, ZP97, OR-T 100, Columbia Power HP, Power HT, BHC, ZP26, OR-T 83, BTS, BTS-19, and BTS-25. Even the Grippack Cutter is designed to be used with poly straps of width up to 1-1/4”.

Battery Powered Cord Strapping Tools

The latest battery-powered cord strapping tools are in stark contrast to their traditional manual and pneumatic counterparts. They are lightweight, ergonomically designed, reliable, and yet powerful enough to accept heavy-duty cord straps of different widths. Many battery tools can generate very high tension while being lightweight and allowing single hand operation. Similar to steel and poly strapping tools, cord-strapping battery tools also allow adjustable tensioning and complete hundreds of cycles per charge.

Some of the best example of battery-powered cord strapping tools include the Golden Bear C11, C12, C12HD, PneumoLash, PneumoCord RV, A11, CT40PN and CT50PN.