Fromm A452 Pneumatic Pusher Type Steel Strapping Tool

Fromm A452 Pneumatic Pusher Type Steel Strapping Tool

The A452 is a Fromm pneumatic pusher type tensioner for steel straps of width 3/4”-1-1/4”. This is a lightweight strapping tool that weighs just 9.6 lbs but is capable of pulling high tension of up to 1,910 lbs. This is a rugged and fast tool designed for both stationary and mobile applications.

This steel strapping tool is known for its consistency and speed because it uses air power. Once it pulls the steel strap to the desired tension, a sealer is required for completing the strapping application.

Features of Fromm A452

  • Delivers very high tension speed.
  • Special free-wheeling system helps retain tension once tension is achieved.
  • Special safety button allows instant tension release.
  • Lightweight steel strapping tool perfect for mobile applications.
  • Designed for silent operation.

Technical Specifications

  • Strapping: Regular Duty & High-Tensile Steel Strapping; 3/4”1-1/4” Width & 0.025”-0.050” Thickness
  • Weight: 9.6 lbs (4.35 kg)
  • Tension: 1,900 lbs (8,500 N)

Because the A452 Fromm pneumatic pusher type is a tensioner, it requires a sealer to complete strapping applications. The Fromm A461 is a pneumatic sealer and can be used along with this powerful pusher-type tensioner. You may also use a battery sealer like the Signode Grip Pack 114. The A461 delivers a reliable and highly safe double notch upcut joint.

This steel strapping tool is perfect for strapping irregular-shaped or round shaped loads. It is a proven tool in the metals industry where it is used for strapping steel coils, pipes, beams and other hard-to-strap and large loads. This heavy-duty tensioner is perfectly suited for heavy loads because it is capable of pulling at very high tensions.

Other Options

There are a few other options against the Fromm A452 including the following:

  1. Combination Tools: Using a combination tool can help in completing all the functions with the same tool – t ension, seal and cut. The best examples of combo tools include Signode PRHR-114 and Fromm A483.
  2. Use the Fromm P331 for switching to 1-1/4” plastic strapping.
  3. Use battery-powered alternatives such as the Signode Grip Pack 114 or the Golden Bear S452 tensioner.
  4. The MIP1620 manual tensioner.

The Fromm A452 has a service-friendly design. It is designed for easy and quick tool repair and maintenance. All its wear parts, replacement parts and accessories are readily available for online order. It can be serviced or repaired in the shortest-possible turnaround.